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Triptyq Capital is a $41 million venture capital fund dedicated to financing technology companies within the creative industries. Our mission is to prioritize positive impacts, diversity, transparency, and ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) considerations while delivering financial returns.


At Triptyq Capital, we recognize the pivotal role of culture and creativity in shaping communities. Culture acts as the foundation upon which shared values and identity are built, fostering unity and belonging. Creativity, on the other hand, drives innovation, collaboration, and critical thinking, contributing to community growth and resilience.


We invest in technology companies within the creative industries to amplify these positive impacts. Our guiding principles reflect our commitment to fostering an inclusive, innovative, and sustainable ecosystem:

Power of Creativity on Community

Technology democratizes creativity, fostering collaboration, global sharing, and inclusive environments.

Responsible and Inclusive Business Leadership

Diversity drives innovation. We advocate for diversity clauses, partnerships for inclusivity, and ethical data management.

  • Tech Innovations Reshaping the Industry's Value Chain

    We support founders leveraging technology to address market inefficiencies and reshape the future of work sustainably.


Our principles translate into concrete actions, aligning with our investment thesis:

Future of Work with Spatial Computing and Collaborative Tools

We support ventures enhancing sustainability & work-life balance productivity through spatial computing and collaborative technologies.

Community Development with Digital Representativity

Our commitment extends to promoting cultural diversity and inclusivity through digital solutions.

Microfinance in the Digital Space

We back innovations facilitating monetization tools for creators while ensuring ethical rewards.

Workflow Simplification and Optimization

We embrace sustainable practices by optimizing workflows and minimizing resource consumption.

At Triptyq Capital, we believe in the transformative power of culture, creativity, and responsible innovation. Together, we can generate lasting benefits for both companies and the communities they serve. Join us on this journey towards impactful innovation.